Comfort our children

little-one-who-straight-has-come-down-the-heavenly-stairs-1888“Everything will be fine…” How many times a mother says just this, with or without words… Are these spontaneous words empty of content? No! God guarantees the fulfillment of a mother’s promise! In fact, the words are a prayer, even when they are just a sigh or an ache we feel. When a mother consoles her children, God sees to it that her consolations become reality, in one way or another. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry. Don’t cry. Rest in my arms…

Your heart aches. Your mind is numb. You feel empty of both strength and courage. But, don’t worry… God lets the voice of a mother become the voice of a prophet. He wants to fulfill her consolations. So many examples guarantee this. Our Heavenly Mother rocked her Baby, even in the face of torture and death. What incredible trust She had, because her Heart hurt and still She consoled Him… And her consolations were fulfilled.

Mary, comfort us, so we can comfort our children.

Mary, my mother, help me trust the Lord, trust that He put me on this earth and knit my babies in my womb for me to console: Don’t worry—I am here for you! This is the joyous task of a mother: to be a prophet of God’s will for her children with her consolations. We are the arms, the lap, the voice, and the heart of God for them… When we hurt because our children hurt, God holds up our arms so we don’t tire. He is closer to us than we can understand, feel, or ever will perceive… So, cuddle the little ones. Tell them: Don’t worry, Mommy will hold you… and know that God is saying this, through all sorrow and pain. His promises are not empty.

Everything will be fine.




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