In the Fullness of Time

My daughter said, “I think it is neat that God knows everything that will happen in my life.”

We were eating breakfast at the time, and her reflection became the subject of our meal.

God wants us to think about Him. He delights in our “small minds”. last-judgment_bigWe think spatially. I imagine God outside of time, and He sees all of time at once. If it were us, we would have to limit God’s knowledge to the moment, or our freedom would be in jeopardy. As it is, we are just not able to understand what is not spatial. To us, time is spatial; to God, it is of course spatial too, because time is what it is: created by God. This thrills me! What a loving mind God has, to think and yet never be limited; to know, and yet never “impose His will”… He is a good God.

And so, God has one thought—everything in God is simple—and His thought is His Son. This Son, by the eternal decree of the Father, was predestined together with His Mother. Forever in His mind was His Mother, lovely, pure, human, and His.

So, God created time. His Thought—His Word—His Son—was with His Father—He was God. And the Word became flesh…

In the fullness of time…

In the Womb of the Virgin.mary and elizabeth