Emigrants and Immigrants


I grew up in Sweden and lived there until I was twenty years old, when I married Jonathan Fleischmann and moved to the United States. I am as yet the only one in my immediate family to have emigrated from Sweden.

My family farm in Sweden has the name Kored and lies in a small village, Alboga, in West Gothland. My family moved there in 1982. Part of the life on Kored was liturgical, because we had the wondrous grace of having a farm chapel with the Most Holy Eucharist. My father is a Deacon in the Catholic Church, and life naturally consisted to a large part in keeping Jesus company. Several years ago, the farm chapel was consecrated as St. Paul’s Catholic Church, and daily Mass is now offered there for both my family and the surrounding community.

It may surprise a reader from the United States to learn that an interdict against establishing Catholic convents and monasteries was in force in Sweden until 1977. My sister Marta, now Sr. Maria of the Annunciation, OCD, was featured in Nunnan, a religious documentary that has gained international attention and won the Prix Italia award. It is distributed by Ignatius Press in the United States with the title The Nun: The Story of a Carmelite Vocation.


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