School At Home

I am homeschooling my children! It’s a lot of fun, but difficult too… My oldest daughter is finishing the fourth grade now, and my oldest son is finishing the second grade. We have used different curricula, but right now we are using Catholic Heritage Curricula, though not exclusively. I’ve had great inspirations from Laura Berquist’s books, and I’m always hunting for extra books and new ideas to complement CHC. I use Saxon Math from Kindergarten up and I am very satisfied with it. It seems to fit many different approaches to Math without being imposing or overwhelming. My mother-in-law has also given me many books from her school years (in the 1940s) that give invaluable angles on life hard to come by nowadays…





Our backyard (a whole half an acre!) is our “small country” in the middle of town (surrounded by a six-foot fence), where such things as gardening, excavations in the sandbox, swimming, climbing, and contact with everything living become part of our scholarly investigations.




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